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"Let's create lasting social change through collaboration"

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Leading Social Impact and Sustainable Change with Expert Project Management

At The Social Impact Firm, we are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in social impact, sustainability, and DEI. With decades of experience in project management and nonprofit startup support, we help entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their good-for-the-world missions. We thrive on understanding your vision for social change and identifying effective ways to foster growth and impact.


The Social Impact Firm is dedicated to managing projects aimed at fostering social change. We collaborate with businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits to advance their socially beneficial objectives through sustainable and genuine project conceptualization, oversight, and execution. We also support corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, helping companies implement effective give-back models for their social enterprises. Additionally, our nonprofit branch, the Social Impact Students Initiative, engages with public school students to explore and create projects with a positive societal impact.

Discover how we can support your social impact journey today!

Statistics show that having a give back model positivities impacts a business' bottom line.



We work with businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.

We take a boutique-style approach to our work. Our process begins with an initial conversation to understand what matters most to you, your organization, and your employees. We discuss your mission and what drives your commitment to social impact. Together, we brainstorm initial ideas on how we can provide support.

Next, we connect you with team members who best fit your needs and schedule a follow-up conversation. Based on your organization's or individual’s requirements, we offer flexible support on a project or monthly basis. Our goal is to ensure that our services align perfectly with your vision for sustainable change and social impact.

Discover how our personalized approach can help you achieve your social impact goals today!

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The Social Impact Firm (TSIF) provides a comprehensive suite of services to support nonprofit board management and organizational development. Our offerings include Board Management Support, Board Development and Training, Governance Consulting, and Board Recruitment and Onboarding. We also specialize in Strategic Planning and Implementation, Campaigns, Corporate Social Responsibility Management, Implementation Support, and Progress Reporting. Additionally, we offer SWOT Analysis, Technology Integration, and Performance Metrics (KPIs) to enhance operational efficiency. Our Team Development services encompass Leadership Development, Team Building Activities, and Staff Training Programs. In the financial realm, we provide Financial Management, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Reporting, and Compliance & Risk Management. We conduct Impact Assessment & Reporting and assist with B-Corp Certification and Cause Marketing to ensure sustained organizational success and social impact.


Startup Management (Organizations & Programs)

The Social Impact Firm (TSIF) offers comprehensive startup management services to support new ventures from inception to execution. Our offerings include Business Planning and Strategy, utilizing tools like Lean Canvas for streamlined planning, and thorough Market Research to identify opportunities. We provide Legal and Compliance assistance, including Legal Entity Formation, Regulatory Compliance, and Policy and Procedure Development. Our financial services encompass Budgeting and Financial Forecasting. We also offer Launch Campaign Strategy, Fundraising Strategy Support, Public Relations and Community Relations Strategy, and Creative and Brand ID development. Additionally, we manage Outreach and Partnerships Strategy, Impact Assessment and Reporting, Donor Campaign and Management Tools Setup, and Operational Setup including Process and Workflow Design. We provide Resource Matchmaking for essential services such as lawyers, PR firms, and creative teams. Our team training, Board Management, staff advising, and Testing and Surveys ensure your startup is well-equipped for success.


Event Production and Marketing

The Social Impact Firm (TSIF) provides comprehensive Event Production and Marketing services, specializing in a wide range of events including Company Retreats, Corporate Give-Back Days, Fundraising Events, Launch Parties, Community Events, Conferences, Professional Development Events, Workshops, Online Events, and Webinars. Our services encompass end-to-end planning and execution, ensuring each event is impactful, engaging, and seamlessly organized to meet your objectives.


Development & Fundraising

The Social Impact Firm (TSIF) offers comprehensive Development and Fundraising services to help nonprofits achieve their financial goals and sustain their mission. Our offerings include Fundraising Strategy Development, Grant Writing, Proposal Development, and Financial Management. We specialize in donor engagement and stewardship plans, major gifts and capital campaigns, and donor data management. Our services extend to Campaign Strategy and Execution, Community Engagement, Partnership and Collaboration, Collaboration Facilitation, Revenue Generation Ideation and Launch, and Pitch Deck Creation. We also provide support in Pitching, Public Speaking, and Investor Relations. Additionally, we ensure effective Donor Relations and Stewardship and provide detailed reporting to track progress and impact, ensuring long-term financial stability and successful fundraising efforts.


Outreach & Partnerships

The Social Impact Firm (TSIF) offers comprehensive outreach and partnership services, including corporate relations, community relations, and public relations, to enhance your organization's visibility and engagement. We specialize in building educational partnerships, securing funding, facilitating nonprofit matching, and promoting programs to foster impactful collaborations. Additionally, we support Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to align businesses with meaningful causes. Our goal is to develop strategic relationships that support your mission and amplify your reach within the community and beyond.

Our Team

The social impact firm's team exists of experts in DEI, sustainability, event production, research, strategy, and impact reporting. We specialize in ESG and CSR.

Bree Jensen started TSIF after working with leading organizations on their social missions. She has 20 years of experience working as an advocate for her core social issues, mainly youth well-being and helping those experiencing homelessness. Bree contributes to various media outlets, such as Family Circle, NBC Affiliates,  CBS, and USA Today. Bree’s experience in Higher Ed, K-12 education, and corporate social responsibility for large companies provides expertise across many industries and categories. Bree has launched nonprofits and social enterprises of her own, and has a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change from Pepperdine University. Her favorite things are going on adventures with her kiddos and working with change-makers on social impact projects.

Social Impact Group 

We collaborate with our clients to create meaningful projects. We work with organizations on their giveback days and year-long strategies. We work with start-ups to identify their giveback models. We help organizations measure and report their impact. We raise awareness of social issues and organize campaigns and events. We do anything that has to do with making a difference in lives. Let’s talk and see how we can work together.

Sustainability Group 

We work with organizations to decrease their carbon footprints. We can help with certifications and ESG reporting. Our team gets excited about all things sustainability. We will set you up for success in doing your part in the global sustainability plan.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group

Our experts have a personal connection to their mission. We will help your venture or organization align with DEI best practices. We work on messaging, support, and all things inclusion. We’d love to help.

Start-up Coaches and Consultants

We love connecting with people who want to create something that makes a difference. We would love to coach you through the start-up process for a social enterprise or non-profit. We desire a connection to learn about you and your goals and then go from there to help you achieve them. Wherever you are in the process, we can support you. We can help with pitch decks, social marketing campaigns, systems, giveback models, and everything that goes into launching an entity. We love this stuff!

Nonprofit Consultants

We have a team that can support grant writing, fundraising, and all the nuances of running a non-profit. We have experts who have successfully started and sustained non-profits in various social issues.

Business consulting and business coaching for social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and nonprofits.

Why work with us

At The Social Impact Firm, we deeply care about our clients and their projects, committing our best efforts to everything we do. That’s our promise.

  • Collaborative Approach: We listen to our clients and work as a team with your team to achieve the best outcomes, all while enjoying the process.

  • Expertise and Network: Our specialists are well-connected in social change and business, addressing a wide range of needs with precision.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Save money by outsourcing your social impact team instead of hiring internally.

  • Proven Success: With extensive experience, we've learned valuable lessons to ensure your success.

Join us, and let’s make a positive impact together!

The Social Impact Firm produced our inaugural Social Enterprise Collective in Washington, D.C. The event provided new energy and practical advice for our guests to take into their work. The collective group of speakers and attendees were curated nicely to create meaningful connections. We received positive feedback from our esteemed speakers and participants.

We look forward to continuing to work with TSIF on our social impact initiatives because of their excellent project performance.

Luke Phillips, Pepperdine University

Social Impact Contributor on The Mom's View.
Social Impact Contributor on USA Today.
Social Impact Contributor on CBS.
Social Impact Contributor on Family Circle.
Common Sense Educator.
Social Impact Contributor on KIXI Radio.
The Social Impact Firm was featured on LA Weekly.
Today Parenting Team Contributor.
Social Impact Contributor on NBC Seattle.
Social Impact Contributor on TeenSafe.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the benefit of outsourcing the CSR or Social Impact team?

Many internal teams include 3-5 members who may specialize in one particular area. The internal team could cost the organization more than $300,000 per year in salaries. We work based on the needs of the organization. We allow your organization to have expertise in all areas at a fraction of the annual cost.


What are the core values of The Social Impact Firm?

Diversity, Community, Sustainability, Collaboration, and Fun


How do you align with the goals of our organization?

We will learn your organization's core values and vision through consultation. We know how important it is to give back in ways that align with your messaging. We will create a communications strategy to share the projects and report on the outputs.


What is the process?

Step 1: Learn about your goals Step 2: Consultation Step 3: Scope and proposal Step 4: Kick-off call Step 5: Hit the ground running


How do you have expertise in all of the social responsibility categories?

Our founder has worked in the social impact field for two decades and has built a community of proven experts in the listed categories. We have high expectations, take our work seriously; we also enjoy doing it.


What is a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are focused on creating businesses or organizations that make a positive impact on the world.

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